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Tile roof installation

Need to re-roof? If you need a new roof tile installation, you’ll need first a good assessment. From the right materials to the correct amount of manpower, we will provide you with everything you require!

Tile repair

Sometimes what you only need is to repair certain areas of your roof. Let us take a look and inspect in order to deliver the best work. A correct inspection allows us to give you a better estimate.

About us

We are a team with more than 20 years of experience in roofing, tile installation and repair. With a brief and complete review of your roof, we can give you a proposal to improve the condition and value of your roof, which results in a longer life for your property.

Client recommendations

In December 2018, Jesus Garcia completed some repairs to a neighbor’s house and the neighbor, being satisfied with the work, referred Mr. Garcia to us to repair a roof leak over our Master Bedroom. Mr. Garcia made a very reasonable proposal and we agreed to the work which was completed very promptly on December 19, 2018.

Mr. Garcia was very careful in not damaging our existing concrete roofing tiles during the repair (as we had only a few potential replacement tiles). Additionally, he took pictures of the leak area and damaged decking at the beginning of the project, and then after his work was completed, as a record of what needed to be done, and what was accomplished.

We were extremely pleased with the attention to detail and workmanship of the repair. In May of 2019 we had another leak around a vent stack on a different part of our house, and we asked Mr. Garcia to repair it, and at the same time, update the roofing seals at all of the other potential leak sites. Mr. Garcia again carefully removed the existing roofing tiles, exposing the roof decking, repaired the decking where needed, and installed new valleys and flashing around all vent stacks as well as around our chimney, where he found an old leak.

He then reinstalled the concrete tiles. Again, Mr. Garcia took before and after pictures, and clearly the work needed to be done, as there were numerous other leak sites and potential leak sites, that we just hadn’t noticed yet. Our roof is approximately 20 years old, so we were due for some roof maintenance and repairs.

We haven’t had a need to call on GD roofing since their last repair, but if we need to do so, we will absolutely use GD roofing again. We can’t say enough positive about GD Roofing and Mr. Garcia. He has excellent workmanship, is conscientious, and we are very pleased with the end results.

Bruce W.

San Antonio, Texas

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